About CGC & FAQ

About CGC

CGC is a custom, hand-made product, functional art for paintball.

Since each cover is hand-made, there may be presented small flaws in the material or colour irregularities on the cover, it is completely normal and do not effect the quality.




On whitch goggles do CGC fit?
Because of its flexibility is truly suitable for the majority of goggles on the market.


How shoud mounting be made?
The cover shall be attached to the outside of your regular paintball goggle. 
Mounting can be done in several ways, recommended to be attached whit cableties, make small holes in the CGC to fit your mask and attached whit the cableties. It can also be attached whit double sided tape, or similar..



The CGC can be damaged if it is hit at close shooting distance.

No manipulation of the paintballgoggle should be done.